Prof. Dr. Sazali Yaacob (University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute)

2022 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Engineering and Technology IICAIET 2022

Speaker 1

AI from Inception to Applications and Future

AI is the buzz word that we hear everywhere in advertisement, newsreel and media social. Starting from IR4, we have always been associated with AI since the start of industry revolution. Right now, we're starting to hear people talk about IR5 being wholly linked to AI. What is AI? How did this concept come about? Where it can be used for application. what its future prospectus? In this presentation the chronology of this concept will be given. The motivation and potential of AI will be presented. Past and current AI developments is outlined. AI applications in several fields such as control systems, health and automotive are presented. Finally, the advantages, opportunities and future in AI are discussed.Distributed and Communication-Efficient ML Over and For Wireless


Sazali Yaacob was born in 1960. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering in from Universiti Malaya. Upon graduation, he worked in oil palm estate before joining Universiti Malaya as an academic staff in 1986. He pursued his Master of Science degree in System Engineering at University of Surrey,1987 and later his Doctor of Philosophy in Control Engineering from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1995. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1998 by Universiti Malaysia Sabah and later appointed as the first dean of the School of Engineering and Information Technology from August 1998 till 2004. From 2004 till 2015, he served at University Malaysia Perlis as Professor in School of Mechatronic Engineering and was the Dean of the School from 2005 till 2007 and as Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) from 2009 till 2010. Currently, he is with University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute at Kulim, Kedah as Professor in School of Mechatronic Engineering and was the Dean and Head of Campus from 2020 till 2022. He had published more than 300 papers in National and International Journals and Conference Proceedings. He has supervised more than 40 of postgraduate students in either Master or Doctor of Philosophy levels. His research interests are in Artificial Intelligence applications in the fields of acoustics, vision and robotics. He was conferred a Charted Engineer status by the Engineering Council, United Kingdom in 2005 and Member to the Institute of Engineering and Technology, United Kingdom.